Help and Advice

  • This site allows you to make searches using surnames, but also keywords such as road names, regiments, locations.
  • You can use the main search box facility but also you can search via the individual search fields listed on the left hand side.
  • Some entries are very long. In order to see them hover over the entry and a text box will appear with the full information.
  • Sometimes you will find entries are repeated. This is largely because there is considerable repetition in the papers – sometimes an item can appear twice in the same paper, sometimes in consecutive issues
  • In the column indicating address, you will find many house/street names enclosed in brackets. This indicates that the address refers to the relative in the ‘relative’ column. It may also be the address of the young men, but there is no direct link between the name and the address
  • If you cannot find the person you are seeking, then try shortening a name e.g. from Robert to Bertie, or put parts of the name in. Even mis-spelling a name might also provide a result

Good luck with your searches

Addition Resources

Following a visit to the Museum at Maidstone, which has a room dedicated to the Royal West Kent Regiment, I was given a copy of a 1911 address book of the 1st/1st Battalion of that Regiment, which has been tabulated and is included

The website has two idiosyncracies:

  1. From time to time it likes to double or even treble the entries.  I am told that if you press the key ‘F5’ it will refresh the page to one entry per cell
  2. It is difficult to see the information in the right-hand column and the bottom row especially when the entries are lengthy. Hover over the cell, then move the mouse onto the entry, left click and hold it there.  Holding that position use the arrow keys to click to the right or down.

This is photograph Q 11992 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums.