I have tried as far as possible to achieve accuracy, however, there are bound to be mistakes:

  • There are mistakes created at the time of printing – between the journalists and compositors
  • There is the inevitable finger-trouble as I copy the information into the tables

In order to reduce the number of mistakes the following steps have been taken:

  • Initial information has been taken from copies of the microfilms, uploaded to my computer. Some of the pages/entries are very difficult to read and figures, vowels and some letters are easily confused.
  • The tables were then checked against the microfilms using the reader at the Bromley Local Studies Archive and Library
  • Finally, anything that could not be verified was checked against the original newspapers and where the newspapers are not available at the British Library, then their microfilms have been used which are more legible.

This is photograph Q 12072 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums