19th February, 1915                                                                                  

Private B Williams

I thought perhaps that you would like to hear from one of “Our Own Contingent” in India, and it is with pleasure that I sit down and write a few words.

At the present time the recruits are firing their preliminaries on the range, and there is a lot of good shooting amongst them.  Al the battalion has got to shoot, and will finish about the end of February.  Foster, Shine, Nash, Hamblin (all of “Our Own”), and myself are all well, but I am sorry to say that Batten is in hospital.  He has been queer practically ever since he left England.  I see by the District Times that Halliday is going in the firing line, and I wish him luck and a safe return.  Will you kindly give my regards to the members of the firm, one and all, as I cannot write to all.  If it is not asking too much, I should esteem it a great kindness if you could send out some ‘Woodbines’ for us, as the ‘fags’ out here are not like the old ones at home.  In fact, they are hardly worth smoking, only anything is better than nothing.  We have the District Times sent to us, and you would think that it was banknotes the way the men look for news at home.  It is here, there, and everywhere, all over the bungalow.  I sometimes wish that I was back at my frame doing a bit of print, but this is a grand open life, and I think it will do me good.