5th February, 1915                                                                                

Private J M Smith

You will be pleased to learn that we had a ripping Christmas here.  We started the day by going to church, or at least I went to chapel, and after church we sat down to dinner.  Before we started the Colonel came in and wished us a Merry Christmas, and then we had a toast.  The toast was:  “Confusion to our enemies, may the 5th West Kents also do their bit, and that we may be in Berlin by nest Christmas.”  That was the Colonel’s toast, and you may be sure there was great cheering.

Then our co9mpany officer came in, and did the same, which we cheered , and sang “For he’s a jolly good fellow,” and then we settled down for a feast, and my word it was a feast.  We started with turkey, chicken, ham, potatoes, greens, and pudding.  Next we had a jolly fine Christmas pudding, and then nuts, and all kinds of fruit and drinks.  When we had finished we were served out with two ounces of ‘bacca,’ which the Mayor of Bromley had sent out to us.  So that shews that they haven’t forgotten us in dear old Bromley.  After dinner we had a sing-song till tea-time, and for tea ther was a large cake, which was cut up, and which was given as a present by our captain.  After tea we had a whist drive, and then another sing-song till 10.30, and then we turned in, having spent an enjoyable day.  Next day being Boxing Day we had no parades, and I went and had two or three games of billiards, and in the afternoon and evening went over to the Y.M.C.A., which was opened that day, and had a free tea.  After that we had a concert, which lasted till 10.30.  We had an extension that night as the proper time for getting in is 9.30.”