Taking everything into consideration we had a fairly successful season, although we are fairly certain, if it had not been for slight accidents, illness, &c., which kept some of our best players out of the team.  We should have finished somewhere near the top of the league, although Captain Hay came into the team at a time when we most needed him, and bucked up the team considerably.
I must say we consider ourselves very lucky to have such a captain to lead us, not only in sport, but anything we undertake.  His first thought always seems to be for his men, and he is very popular amongst all of us, and what we are looking forward to is the time when he will lead us into battle.


Well, the conditions of playing football out here are much different from England.  The grounds are covered with sand and stones, and you know all about it if you fall over, although the pace at which the games are played out here would surprise the Bromley Football Club.  At times the thermometer was 80 (F) in the shade.  You can imagine what we looked like when we had finished, but thanks to our splendid training we feel quite fit.  The results of the matches are:  Played 19, won 7, lost 7, drew 5.  We all hope we are back in good old Bromley in time for the next football season.  Wishing your paper every success.  I might add that it is welcomed out here as much as bank notes.