We are having a nice time out here, but it is a bit warm about 12 o’clock, and we do three parades a day.  Out here there is plenty to see and do,  the (natives) are different, there are not many white people out here, and the natives have different ways of doing things.  They carry all their things on their heads, and also do most of our things for us;  they clean our boots and button for four annas a week (that is 4d), and shave us every morning for 4d. a month.  Eightpence a month also goes for washing, and fourpence a month for sports.  We all wish we were going to the Front to have a look at the Germans to see what we could do for them.  We go out trenching one night a week all night, nine till seven next morning, and a route march every week, about 12 to 14 miles, so we are getting on with it, or for the Front, I hope